Taking Down Tobacco empowers middle and high-school students to create change in their schools and communities.

Once you’ve created your account, get started with Taking Down Tobacco 101 to learn the basics. Then, you can sign up for Become a Trainer to learn how to become an effective Taking Down Tobacco 101 trainer in your community and/or sign up for our advanced Core 4 courses to take your advocacy to the next level.

Points earned by completing courses and taking actions can be redeemed for grants and gear.

Taking Down Tobacco 101

Learn the basics about tobacco, including the dangers of cigarette smoking and other tobacco use; the many types of tobacco products and how they are marketed; and the proven solutions that can win the fight against tobacco.

Prerequisites: None
Next Steps: Sign up for Become a Trainer and/or complete the Core 4 to take your advocacy skills to the next level

Become a Trainer

After you complete Taking Down Tobacco 101, get the resources and training necessary to share the Taking Down Tobacco 101 training in your own community. This course teaches how to be an effective trainer, steps to organizing a training, how to localize the training for your community, and tips on engaging and inspiring your audience.

Prerequisites: Taking Down Tobacco 101
Skills You Will Learn: Organizing, group facilitation and training management skills
Next Steps: Guide or lead a Taking Down Tobacco 101 training in your school or community for 1,000 points per training

The Core 4

This set of four trainings is designed for youth leaders who want to take their advocacy to the next level by planning Activities that Kick Butts, Informing Decision-Makers and Mastering the Media using effective messaging. Start with Messaging Matters and then make your way through the other courses to earn points.

Messaging Matters

Learn how to use your own personal stories to develop relatable, clear, and concise messages that will resonate with your target audiences and activate action in your community.

Prerequisites: Taking Down Tobacco 101
Skills You Will Learn: Storytelling, personal branding, and messaging development skills
Next Steps: Share your story about how and why YOU fight tobacco for 1,000 points

Mastering the Media

Discover how media advocacy can help you gain access and a voice to the local decision-making process, the types of media tactics you can use to get your message heard and when to use them, and tips for working with your local media to raise the profile of your cause.

Prerequisites: Taking Down Tobacco 101
Skills You Will Learn: Persuasive verbal and written communication, tactical planning and interviewing skills
Next Steps: Submit a Letter to the Editor on a relevant tobacco issue in your community or state for 1,000 points per letter

Informing Decision-Makers

Understand why it is so important for advocates to have their voices and opinions heard by the decision- makers in their communities. Advocates learn where and how their voice can impactful, how best to communicate with decision-makers, and how to share their story and cause strategically.

Prerequisites: Taking Down Tobacco 101
Skills You Will Learn: Strategic planning, critical thinking, advocacy and active listening skills
Next Steps: Call a Decision-Maker about a relevant tobacco issue in your community or state for 1,000 points per call

Activities that Kick Butts

Identify the key components of impactful advocacy events and activities, how to use your creativity to create a successful, innovative activity, and examples of activities that Kick Butts.

Prerequisites: Taking Down Tobacco 101, Messaging Matters
Skills You Will Learn: Goal driven planning, organizing and creativity skills
Next Steps: Host an activity in your community to educate and motivate others to fight tobacco use and log it for 1,000 points per activity